Restoring the Roots to the Branches
An Introduction to the Jewishness of the New Testament

In this book the author goes through the New Testament in order to show its original Jewish orientation, as well as discuss some of the other aspects of Christendom that have come from Jewish roots teaching.

In the Presence of Angels

Whether we know it or not, angels play a greater part in our lives than we care to admit. The author deals with the subject at length, and explains some of the major issues concerning angels, both the holy angels and the demons. As well as discussing the fall of Satan, and the work he is presently about in the world, both now and in the future.

The Messianic Movement
The Second Reformation

- Is the believer Christian?
- What is the Messianic Movement?
- Is Torah relevant to New Testament Believers?

The author attempts to answer all these questions and many others in this fascinating glimpse of truth about the Early Church, which places the Jew in his rightful position, as the Jewishness of Jesus is seen in its necessary relevance to Scripture, and thus interpreted into the Messianic Movement.

The Good News of Yochanan
The Gospel of John

- What is the Good News?

Here the author explains the Good News from the Jewish perspective; that Messiah has come, as prophesied by the Prophets, and has made a way to deliver salvation for every man. The author goes further into the incidents in the life of Yeshua to explain the circumstances and backgrounds surrounding these events.

The Torah
Symbolism of Messiah

Here the author systematically goes through the details of the Torah to show how much of it symbolises the coming Messiah, Yeshua. The book also contains special detailed information through Jewish eyes which enhances the reader's knowledge of the ancient Hebrew scriptures.

Aspects of God

Includes the Doctrine of God, Fatherhood of God, Grace of God, Tri-unity and the Shekinah Glory.

Kevin Tulley's Wondrous Woolley

Kevin was just an ordinary boy on an ordinary day, but that day was to change his life forever!
Whilst escaping some school bullies he runs into a shop where he meets an old Asian lady who gives him a special gift: a very large ball of wool which used to be a magic carpet. Kevin then embarks on an amazing journey through time and space, meeting all sorts of historical characters on his travels.

Talmidim: Disciples

Have you ever wondered what happened to the disciples after the book of Acts? This book tries to explain as much about these disciples as can be found using extra-biblical material that has come to light since the beginning of the early church. It is compelling reading, utilizing a variety of sources documented from a variety of people, giving as much detail as can be gleaned at this time.

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